Marinating on Orientation


(Night Worship at one of the last nights at Stony Point.)

So the next couple of posts are ones I’ve been waiting to put up here, but haven’t had a chance yet since I’ve been waiting for my house to get Internet/ overanalyzing what I write and making a bagilion different versions. So enjoy the ride down memory lane while I post my reflections from the past couple of weeks!

So here I am. Three weeks in. A bit settled in, but yet a tad bit restless still. Still trying to gather the shards of my thoughts after they were broken at Orientation.

Orientation was something else. I met so many unbelievably amazing people, and gave me faith in so many things. Lessons were taught where I not only learned things about the world around me, but also deep things about myself (like my love language might just be words). Games were played (Bunny, Bunny, and KanJam- Jam that Kan!). Stories were told that were unbelievable to hear, and that really reminded oneself to not judge a book by it’s cover.

The way the week was scheduled out was a mix of different lectures, and activities. These focused greatly on tearing down walls that we’ve created, opening our minds to new ideas, learning about different cultures and faiths, and really digging into the core fabric of who we really are as people and what we truly believe. We also got to hear a lot from previous YAVs of how privilege, and worldviews were challenged, and changed.


(One of the slides from some of our intense classes that gave us a different kind of perspective.)

Needless to say… it was intense. There were many days where all I wanted to do was play KanJam with my new crazy friends, and just lay on the green grass. I knew though that this information would be crucial to my upcoming year.

One of the most valuable things I learned from this besides the social justice issues was that it isn’t an unusual thing for someone to feel a little lost at this age for there were a lot of people who still hadn’t figured out what path they should be going down. It’s something that rings a little true to home, and kind of made me feel a tad bit more connected now that I knew that I wasn’t entirely alone.

Knowing that fact has made me even more excited about this year. In knowing that maybe through the work with all of these various non-profits that I can finally find a path that I wouldn’t mind taking a stroll down once I complete the YAV program, and maybe, just maybe the YAV’s motto of “A year of service for a lifetime of change” might just ring even truer in my life than I could ever have fathomed.

While down in Miami I’ll have a hectic busy year, but there might be some down time. With the fact that I don’t have cable I’ll probably have a lot more free time as well so I’m thinking about what are some skills/ useless talents I should gain with all of this newly gathered time that isn’t being preoccupied by T.V..

So my question is… what would you learn if you had all of this time?


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