Gratitude- A Thank You to Everyone who Donated

Since about March I’ve wanted to take a second, and send a shout out to everybody who donated to my YAV year because it has meant so very much to me. From the depths of my heart I appreciate it to the highest degree. Like you have no idea because it was no easy process, and I absolutely despise having to do fundraising calls, but that is the life of a YAV.

Even though I did hate it, the whole journey to get to my fundraising goal has made it special knowing that the following organizations, churches, and people are with me on this challenging life-changing journey I’ve had this year. Also, it’s shown me a different side of the word gratitude. Sure, I was a little let down by how incredibly hard it was to find people to donate, but in that instance it showed that I had people in other corners of my life that were there for me, and that were willing to lend a hand.

It showed another aspect of determination, and to always keep focused because a lot of the times I lost hope, and thought in the end I couldn’t pull it off. It just took me to having to go through every church, and applicable connection I knew to make it happen, and in that I was shown that sometimes hard work, and determination really does pay off.

So finally here’s a thank you to…

  • First Pres. of Sapulpua! I’ve visited your lovely church actually a handful of times because I know the East boys that have all grown up in your church. I’m so glad that you took an interest in my year though, and it really means a lot to me.
  • Another shout out goes to First Pres. of Bartlesville. Thank you oh so much for supporting me and my cause. I think I’ve been through your church once, but I always go by there when I visit one of my good friends, Ethan V. Also, funny story. As I was going through the rounds of doing my fundraising calls, and I called this church I was redirected to one of the pastors. The name sounded familiar, and I couldn’t really place my finger on who it could be. It turns out though was it was an old relationship from the summers at my my beloved church camp, Dwight Mission. I also stayed at her house last summer when my friend Ethan was house sitting. Her dogs are quite lovely too. Here’s one of them muggin’ for the camera:IMG_3016.jpg
  • One more shout out goes to the First Pres. of Miami. I actually sent you a letter, and called because I thought that you would find it slightly humorous that I was in Miami, Florida, and you guys had the same name as the city I was serving in. I haven’t been to your church yet, but I’m excited to come speak when I get done with my year. You guys are amazing for pouring some love into my year through your contribution!
  • Also, thank you so much to Greg Coulter and the Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery (E.O.P). Without you guys I could literally not do this, and I appreciate it so, so much what you’ve done for me. I will say that one of my fondest memories of my youth is going to one of my first ever E.O.P. event in Jenks where we watched the Emperors New Groove, and after it was over I remember Sarah Chancellor invited me out to get smoothies with her, and her cool presbyterian friends.
  • Also, thanks to Donna Sharp! I’m so glad you’ve entered the Quirings’ lives. My mom is so happy having you as a friend, which makes me quite ecstatic as well. Also, you’re the because you gave me an upgraded phone whenever I really needed it last year, which I’m still using to this very day, and has been all over the world.
  • Additionally, thanks to my aunt Stephanie Huninghake for helping me out with this, and supporting me! I really appreciate it, and always love seeing you when I come up for family events. You’re a rockstar!
  • Lastly, thanks to my parents! My dad donated some money to the actual campaign, but in reality both of them have been so supportive of me throughout this entire year. It means so much to me, and I know how practically every kid says this, but I really truly do have the best parents around.

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